Alien Perfume Review

A fragrance name that conjures up images of aliens jumping out of the bottle with every squirt of fragrance.

Instead, this beautiful womens fragrance by Thierry Mugler first introduced in 2005 is a firm favourite of ours and many other people around the world.

Theirry Mugler has produced an elixir for the woman who wants to command the room and get noticed when she enters.

While most perfume lovers know the name, Theirry Mugler from his range of Angel fragrances, with Alien, we believe he has gone one step further and raised the bar to create a truly exceptional fragrance.

With the leading notes strong but mysterious of White Amber and Indian Jasmine; it’s not hard to see why this fragrance is favourite.

Other notes add to its overall beauty with Cardamom, Orange blossom, Cumin, Cashmeran and Heliotrope all combine to give what can only describe as an intoxicatingly desirable perfume.

Ever since its release its captivated the attention of both industry masters and its dedicated fans with its unique scent and it’s even more distinctive “Sacred Stone” styled bottle.

Available in Eau de Parfurm refillable bottles this perfume is designed to capture your attention with not only its unique bottle but with the fragrance within.

One of Alien’s most enduring powers is the energy and power it exudes and yet remains an elegant scent; this fragrance is perfect for any occasion.

Always wanting a fragrance to last all day? Alien is the perfume for you, ladies who want a long lasting scent as the feedback we have received tells us it will last forever.

So if your one of those decerning ladies who want to be noticed and want to feel a bit saucy, but still likes her mystery, this is the fragrance for you.

Currently available in stock of 60ml and 90ml refillable bottle on Raw Beauty Studio.

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