Brand Spotlight – Christian Dior

//Brand Spotlight – Christian Dior




Brand Spotlight – Christian Dior

Brand Spotlight – Christian Dior

It’s a brand known and loved by many, but what’s the history behind it?

Dior was founded in 1946 by designer Christian Dior. When it opened, it was a fashion house, selling beautiful clothing for women in Paris. A year later, Miss Dior started to be sold in stores. Miss Dior was named after Christian’s sister, Catherine. How sweet is that?

Miss Dior by Christian Dior

Miss Dior, the original and first perfume from Dior. Buy online here.

Today, Dior isn’t just known for its perfumes, but also for its jewellery, clothing, makeup, and skincare products. Unfortunately, in 1957, Christian Dior passed away as a result of his third heart attack. He was 52. He left behind a powerhouse in the area of all that is a luxury.

After he died, the Dior team talked about shutting down all of Dior, including its stores in other countries. But instead of going down that route, they promoted Yves Saint-Laurent to the position of Artistic Director, who was 21 at the time.

Yves Saint-Laurent was praised for his work, but he started to change his designs for the stores, leaving many very unhappy with the brand. Yves Saint-Laurent left to join the army and then went on to start Yves Saint-Laurent, the brand we all know so well.

So, Miss Dior was the only perfume from Dior from 1947 until 1949, when Diorama was released.

After that, Dior was released in 1963, followed by men’s fragrance Eau Savage was released in 1966.

That’s eleven years where Dior didn’t release a new perfume. Nowadays, that would never happen, but back then, Dior needed to focus on the company, the fashion line, and the expansion into other countries.

Jadore by Christian Dior

J’adore was released in 1999. Buy it online here.

In 1984, Dior released Poison, and J’adore was released in 1999, and from the 2000’s onward, new perfumes were being released every few years. No more eleven-year waits for Dior perfume fans!

Dior’s legacy lives on, not just through the perfumes, but through the connection, we make between the name Dior and the thought of luxury. What’s your favourite Dior perfume?

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