Things You Asked And Wanted To Know From Us

Things You Wanted To Know

Things You Wanted To Know

At Raw Beauty Studio, We try and answer your question as quickly and accurately as we can and have collated our top 25 below. These are all the things you wanted to know from us.

Q1. Who is Raw Beauty Studio?

A1. Raw Beauty Studio is the new standard in online shopping. We aim to provide a level of customer service unsurpassed in Australia as well as providing the best possible prices for anything we sell through any of our online stores.

Q2. Why the change from Aussie Fragrance Mall to Raw Beauty Studio?

A2. With Raw Beauty Studio we were known as a retailer focused on selling the best fragrances at the best possible prices we could. As Raw Beauty Studio, this allows us the room to expand our beauty product offerings and to take in products like makeup, skincare and all other aspects of our customer’s beauty routines or desires.

Q3. Are your items genuine as described?

A3. Yes, every item sold through Raw Beauty Studio is 100% genuine and comes in the genuine branded packaging. If you have any doubts, we suggest visiting UPC Database which will allow you to enter the bar code found on the box and verify the authenticity of the item you have received. We also check our items before dispatch against this database.

Please note from time to time manufacturers do update or change the packaging that you may have seen in the past and this is out of our control but does not change the authenticity of the item. We also source our items from a variety of legitimate sources and therefore also need to make you aware that some packaging may have multilingual wording on them to suit other countries the item is sold in.

Q4. Your prices are so much cheaper, why?

A4. Aussie consumers these days are looking for quality and value for money. At Raw Beauty Studio we would rather you pay a fair price and visit us regularly than pay a high price and never come back to us. All prices and purchases are made in Australian dollars. For customers in the US, Canada and New Zealand will have the price they need to pay quoted to them in local currencies and can choose this option on our website before checking out if they wish. We will not refund any exchange rate difference after the sale is completed and or dispatched.

Q5. Why does it take a bit longer than normal for the item to arrive?

A5. While we ourselves are based in Qld, most of our items come from our US warehouses, this allows us to sell our items at the cheapest possible price and pass those savings on to you, our customers. We do hold some stock locally during busy shopping times and we endeavour to get your order to you as quickly as humanly possible.

It is also sometimes quicker for us to send items direct from our US-based warehouse direct to you due to Australia Post rules on carriage of dangerous goods.

An example of this is; an item purchased by a customer in Western Australia can generally expect to receive their purchase in 6-7 business days if sent directly from our US-based warehouse, whereas if sent from our QLD warehouse it can take longer depending on the courier option.

Please consider these points when ordering your item, especially if you need it for a special occasion or by a particular date.

Q6. What if I get my item and don’t like it, can I return it for a full refund?

A6. Unfortunately, we will only accept refunds if the item you have received is faulty or the wrong brand is sent, we will not refund your money, because you have changed your mind. (See Refunds Information)

Q7. If I buy a tester or unboxed item will it be used?

A7. When buying a tester or unboxed item from Raw Beauty Studio, all that it means is that it will come in tester packaging. Usually, it comes in a white box, instead of its normal packaging, and if the product comes with a lid, the lid might also be missing.

However, you can use your old lid from the fragrance to put on the tester. The tester will contain the same amount of fragrance as the same size fragrance bottle in normal packaging and has not been used in any way.

When an item is sold as “unboxed” that is just how it would be sent. We offer cheaper pricing on these options and believe why to pay for something that generally will be thrown away anyway if you don’t have too. All unboxed items are 100% genuine and contain the full amount of fragrance or cologne as the boxed option.

Tester items may also come with less volume because as the same suggests, it is a tester item. The price of these items also reflects its tester value in comparison to a full unused item of the same name and volume.

Q8. If I buy my item today, can I have it tomorrow?

A8. While we can in some instances offer overnight delivery unfortunately overnight delivery isn’t always possible due to government restrictions on the carrying of our products on aircraft and them being classified as a dangerous good. We apologise for this and ask that you take this into consideration when ordering and buying your product.

Q9. Can I come and pick my item up from your premises?

A9. Depending on the item we may not have it at our premises (see FAQ 4) and as a result and to avoid disappointment we don’t allow for personal picking up of items. All the items are shipped directly to your pre-requested PayPal address by the courier unless otherwise advised.

Q10. Why do I need to give you a physical address and not a PO Box?

A10. All our items are sent via courier and require a signature to confirm delivery; this protects both you as our customer and us, the result of this means that a PO Box can’t be used as a delivery address as no signature would be gained. (See Shipping Information for further details in the case of a PO Box being the only option.)

Q11. Do you offer discounts if I buy more than one of the same item?

A11. Discounts do apply multiple items of 2 or more. This discount may come in the form of a price reduction or a shipping fee reduction or both.

Q12. Do you price match?

A12. No, we don’t as we believe that price is only part of positive customer experience and through offering a high level of customer service and low prices we offer a package that’s second to none online.

Q13. How do I know you have received my return?

A13. We will email you to confirm that we have received the item back and when you should expect your refund. See (Refund Policy)

Q14. If I don’t want to give my credit card details over the Internet, how can I pay for my purchases?

A14. We offer two forms of payment; these options include PayPal and Bank Transfer. Please read our Payment Methods section for more information.

Q15. Can I get my order gift boxed?

A15. Yes, Raw Beauty Studio offers gift boxing on all orders. You simply need to select the Gift Box option at the checkout on our website.

Q16. How much does delivery cost?

A16. Raw Beauty Studio uses a variety of different reputable courier companies to ensure the fastest and most cost-effective parcel delivery service possible, however, do not currently charge a delivery fee.

Q17. How long before I receive my refund?

A17. Generally speaking, a refund will be processed within 48hrs of us receiving the returned item and verifying its resale condition. In the case of your initial payment being made via PayPal it may take up to 5 working days due to PayPal processing time frames for you to receive your refund and these delays are completely out of our hands. See (Refund Policy)

Q18. How can I track my order?

A18. We can provide a tracking number to you once it has become available to us from our couriers that will allow you to track your item from dispatch to your door. We may also send you any updates we receive to ensure smooth and fast delivery of your purchase. See delivery information if you need to contact the relevant courier company.

Q19. How long will my order take to be dispatched?

A19. We try and have all orders processed and dispatched on the next business day after the order is received. Once processed and dispatched, Standard delivery time is between 6-10 business days depending on your location and courier option used… While we are based in the Qld, most items purchased through Raw Beauty Studio are sent from our US warehouse to ensure authenticity and to allow us to offer the best possible price to you our valued customers. This also helps us with keeping items fresh and new to avoid you receiving old stock that like any product may have gone off.

Q20. Do you sell Gift Certificates?

A20. We are only able to sell Gift Certificates via our website at this time. These are sent via MMS on to any smartphone.

Q21. Does Raw Beauty Studio offer delivery outside Australia?

A21. As previously mentioned, we delivery to every Australian state and territory as well as New Zealand, Canada and the US. We are also able to arrange delivery to most countries, however, we will not sell or deliver into the European Economic Zone and for safety reasons won’t accept or delivery orders to certain other countries. Please contact us prior to placing an order if you are unsure and we can confirm if delivery is possible.

Q22. I am after a brand that isn’t featured on your website; can you get it for me?

A22. We would be more than happy to contact our suppliers and see if they have the brand and item you are after and certainly advise you about the cost of the item. Just email or message us the details and we will respond to you within 48hrs and let you know if it’s available and the cost.

Q23. How do you handle my personal details?

A23. Your personal information is exactly that, personal and as such we at Raw Beauty Studio take the trust you place in us with those details extremely seriously. We will NEVER sell, share or misuse your information in any way and it will only ever be used to fulfil your order or for the contact between us and you. Please read our privacy statement for further information regarding payment and payment information. We NEVER retain payment details in the case of a payment being made by credit card either through our eBay store or website.

Q24. I didn’t purchase this item, why did I get it and how did you get my details?

A24. Every order that is supplied to us is generated solely by details being supplied to us by a customer. If you didn’t place the order personally, it may be possible that someone within your family has and just didn’t tell you. We have had situations where a husband has purchased a gift using their wives PayPal account to purchase an item as a present etc. and vice versa.

Q25. Can you provide the batch number of the item I am looking to purchase?

A25. As we source the majority of our items directly from our supplier to our customer, we are unable to provide batch numbers as these may not end up being the ones you receive.

Thank you for shopping at Raw Beauty Studio and we hope to see you again soon.

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