Honey by Marc Jacob

Honey by Marc Jacobs, Sweet and Cheerful

Honey by Marc Jacobs, Sweet and Cheerful; Diving into the world of perfume can be a nerve-wracking experience – as something that can be so subjective and personal, many people often hesitate to dive in and take a chance on a new fragrance.

However- perfume is definitely not something to be feared! To me, perfume is the ultimate accessory, and in the case of others – the ultimate gift. Perfume can capture and reflect the essence of who we are, and can be a sweet reminder to others that these are things that they remind us of.

From celebrity fragrances to designer perfumes, the opportunities are endless and unrestricted. While many chose to take a signature scent, I am a firm believer that every perfume has its purpose, and just like our clothes or hairstyles, each scent can project an image onto those around us.

While we may choose one scent for a lover, we may choose another for a job interview – and with that in mind, I feel like it’s imperative that people take the time to understand a scent, how it develops on each of us uniquely, and ask themselves the question “is this me?”

‘Honey’ is a floral fruity fragrance from luxury brand (and one of my personal favourites) Marc Jacobs. Developed by perfumers Annie Buzantian and Ann Gottlieb, Honey has graced the market with its crisp fruit punch-esque notes since 2013 and has remained a popular fragrance choice for women ever since.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the construction of perfume, a scent is typically divided into three ‘notes’. We have the top note – which are the smells we first recognize when spraying a perfume, the heart note, which is the ‘deeper’ smells that develop over time and react to everyone’s skin and temperature differences, and then the base note – the foundation of the perfume, which typically lingers long after the first spray.

Honey’ by Marc Jacobs has top notes of Pear, Fruit Punch and Mandarin. The heart notes are made up of Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar and Honey Suckle. Lastly, the base notes are made up of Honey, Vanilla and Woods.

These notes make this a perfect daytime fragrance and one that will wear well particularly in warmer weather, though it’s not necessarily limited to that.

I find that wearing this fragrance even in winter is a perfect way to brighten up my day. It’s hard not to feel cheerful wearing this perfume as it encapsulates such a ‘happy’ smell.

Given Honey is an Eau De Parfum, it typically has a lasting time of 3-5 hours, though can linger to around the 6/7 hour mark. The sillage (the trail of perfume, aka how much can others smell) isn’t overbearing but is enough to have people close to you be aware of the perfume.

Overall, I see ‘Honey’ as a new favourite in my collection, and can highly recommend it to fans of Fruity Florals (Or looking to branch out of plain Florals) and for those new to the perfume world. ‘Honey’ is an inoffensive fragrance due to its universally pleasing notes, and one that I find many could enjoy.

I think it makes for a perfect daytime fragrance and is one that could easily be picked up for everyday wear.

Product Review by Tori Maslen

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