Miss Dior Cherie

Miss Dior (Cherie) Perfume Review

Miss Dior (Cherie) Perfume Review

To me, each perfume I own reminds me of something special.

Whether it be the reason why I bought or received the perfume as a gift or it brings back a memory from an occasion when wearing that perfume. It’s amazing how many memories a smell can bring back.

Everyone has their own unique smell that they all adore and lean towards. I personally love girly and floral scents, especially for daytime wear. When it comes to the evening, I prefer a strong sexy scent.

Today I am going to review the Dior Miss Dior Eau De Toilette.I have wanted this perfume forever, so I am so excited to add it to my collection.

Firstly can we talk about this packaging because I am obsessed? The bottle is pretty just like the scent. It definitely feels luxury and worth the price tag. The bottle would look gorgeous on display on anyone’s vanity. This perfume comes in 50mls and 100mls I have the 50ml bottle.

The 3 notes that create the scent

Miss Dior has a top note of the Essence of blood orange. I love the smell of citrus it just reminds me of a bright, fresh spring day.

The top note is the opening notes, generally also the lightest. These are the first smelt notes when applied. These top notes will typically evaporate quickly.

The middle or heart note is the Essence of Damascena rose and Neroli Essence. The damascene rose described as a spicy and almost masculine floral note according to Dior.

The middle notes are considered to be the heart of the fragrance. And will last longer than the top note that smelt when first applied.

The base note is the essence of Indonesian patchouli which used in woody type scents. The base is the note that will stick around the longest, and leave that lasting scent. These scents are typically deeper smells. The middle and the base notes will mix to create that scent you desire throughout the daytime

Together the three notes citrus, floral and woody creates the most beautiful fruity floral scent that can be worn throughout the day.

Miss Dior (Cherie)

Being an Eau De Toilette the scent doesn’t last all day; I noticed the smell lingering for a few hours though. It is a subtle and feminine smell which isn’t overpowering.

If you are after a longer lasting scent, I will purchase the Eau De Perfume instead of the Eau De Toilette as that will linger for a lot longer.

Overall I’d highly recommend this fragrance to the younger audience or someone who loves a floral fruity girly girl scent. As it is such a pretty scent,

I absolutely love it for everyday wear, and I feel so pretty while wearing it. Ever since I received it, I have been using it every day it has become my newest love.

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Guest Blogger – Toni E

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