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Terms and Conditions – Win Flight Voucher in November

  1. All purchases made between midnight Brisbane Qld Australia time 1st November and midnight Brisbane Qld Australia time 30th November 2018 are eligible for entry into the promotion
  2. Each purchase successfully fulfilled and paid for during the promotional period on is deemed as one single entry into the prize draw.
  3. Only entries from Australian based customers are eligible for entry into the prize draw.
  4. The maximum amount awarded will not exceed $250.
  5. There is no minimum purchase amount to enter.
  6. The winning entry will be selected randomly on the 1st of December using the website by way of purchases order number.
  7. The winning entry will be contacted in the same manner in which they placed their order, using either their email address or phone number.
  8. Raw Beauty Studio takes no responsibility for an invalid phone number or email address used in the event the winner is uncontactable after three attempts or 7 business days.
  9. Winner announced on Facebook once confirmation of winner is notified.
  10. Winners cannot exchange the prize for cash
  11. Winners will be emailed their winning voucher within ten business days of winning.
  12. Raw Beauty Studio Studio takes no responsibility once the voucher is emailed to the winner if the winner then either loses or deletes the email outside of the control of Raw Beauty Studio.
  13. All employees of Raw Beauty Studio and associated marketing and service providers are ineligible to win the promotion.