Some of biggest skincare mistakes you’re making in your 20s and beyond

//Some of biggest skincare mistakes you’re making in your 20s and beyond

Some of biggest skincare mistakes you’re making in your 20s and beyond

With all of the things occurring in your 20s, skincare might not always be at the top of daily life routine.

But the decisions you make in your 20s can change your skin down the road.

Did you know you start to lose collagen in your skin as early as in your 20s, and this can lead to less plumpness or fullness of the skin throughout your life?

So it’s a great time to start making changes that will improve your body and assist your skin stay to healthy and looking amazing from your 20s and beyond.

So we at Raw Beauty Studio, have scoured the internet to find you some of the best ways to keep you looking amazing and keeping your skin feeling great.

Being Aussies, we have practically grown up with the knowledge that the sun can affect our skin no matter our age.

Skipping sunscreen is never the best idea and wearing sunscreen is one of the best things you can do while in your 20s or any age.

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It’s one of the best and more effective anti-ageing serums. It encourages and helps prevent discolouration, loss of collagen, less elasticity of the skin and, of course, skin cancer,

There is also strong evidence to suggest that we should wear suncream every day no matter what our daily routine is as even the smallest amount of sun can cause damage to the skin.

Not cleaning your face at night can lead to breakouts, sure we know this might sound strange but think of it this way, if you wear makeup daily it can clog the pores, even a small amount, and those same pores are what then cause breakouts.

But even if you don’t wear makeup, you should wash your face before bed. You might have gotten away with going to bed without washing your face when you were a teenager, but that doesn’t fly when you get older.

One small act can stop your skin from breaking out and free it from built-up dirt and bacteria. It will also aid in avoiding scaring.

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Feeding your skin by moisturising can also assist your skin and help balance the skins Ph and skin oils. Just because your skin looks great doesn’t always mean you can skip moisturising your skin.

It’s also a great way to help form a barrier against impurities and dirt build up which can affect your overall skin health and vitality.

Next in our tips is, Over-exfoliating which can cause skin damage.

There is such a thing as doing too much for your skin especially in your 20s.

Exfoliation, or removal of dead skin, can regenerate your skin’s tone, touch, and colour over time. But going overboard with it can damage your skin barrier.

“Initially, exfoliating can help to brush off the dead skin cells that can make your complexion look dull, but over-exfoliating can lead to redness, irritation, a rash, and of course breakouts.

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Something to keep in mind is that that exfoliation isn’t one-size-fits-all, so you should slowly try new products and be careful to avoid over-exfoliating till you find the best beauty regime that fits your skin and leaves it looking fantastic and feeling great.

On the flip side of all this is using too many products can irritate your skin.

In 2018 with so many options out there that all promise to do this or that it’s often easy that some people in their 20s or ant age for that matter go overboard with skin-care.

But, using too many products can lead to skin irritation or cause certain products to lose effectiveness since they’re not meant to combine with other products.

Think of it like your favourite dress not going with your favourite shoes lol. I know it’s not that simple, but it’s a fun way to look at a serious issue.

Some of the best advice is to start with the basics, make sure you have an excellent daily protective sunscreen, an antioxidant serum, and a good retinoid.

Compliment this with a good oil-based or foaming cleanser and a moisturiser as needed.

Doesn’t matter what age you are, picking or popping pimples can lead to scars. It can also have the opposite effect of driving dirt, impurities into your skin and pores and then irritating them.

And let’s face it none of us wants to have permanent scarring on our face from pimples or preventable breakouts.

So that’s just a few tips to keep your skin looking amazingly fresh and young whether you’re in your 20s or older.

There are plenty of other things that can affect your skin, but we feel if you’re smart and follow a few of our tips, your skin will thank you for years to come.

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