The Perfect Set For A Beauty Newbie

The Perfect Set For A Beauty Newbie

The Perfect Set For A Beauty Newbie

By Elley Charles from

Whether you’re a dedicated beauty junkie like me, or just starting out in the world of beauty, it’s easy to become obsessed with trying out the latest & greatest products on the market.

Basically, once you start, you can’t stop.

I remember the first time I touched a high-end makeup product. I remember the feel of the luxurious packaging and I remember instantaneously falling in love. And that was the beginning of my makeup obsession.

But, when you’re just starting out in the world of beauty, trying to find the perfect product can be overwhelming. There’s drugstore brands, high-end brands & brands you’ve never even heard of.

So what’s the best way to start? With a deluxe set of course.

Now, don’t let the word “deluxe” startle you. I’m talking adorable miniature products, appropriately sized for anyone ready to immerse themselves in the beauty industry but not quite ready to sacrifice half their paycheck.

The Perfect Set for a Beauty Newbie

NARS Yorokobi Set

Welcome in NARS. Sleek, matte black packaging encases some of the most luxe products on the market.
The NARS Yorokobi Limited Edition Gift Set retails for $52.78 and includes 3 pint-sized products, perfect for the beauty newbie.

Inside the 3-piece set, you’ll find a blush, lipgloss & nail polish, all in one of NARS’ most loved shades “Super Orgasm”. The peach blush tones mixed with gold glitter gives a subtle glow to the cheeks, lips & nails.

Despite the blush being 3.5g, the overall quality of the product, including the absolutely incredible pigmentation makes up for the lack of size. Unlike most sample products, this blush is bound to last.

The same goes for the nail polish. Think about it – when is the last time you finished a full bottle of your favourite nail polish right?! At 7.4mL, the peachy gold nail polish is the ideal travel companion and let me tell you, looks ah-maaazing on.

And, if you’re not already sold, let’s talk about this set’s lip gloss. Again, another perfect travel size product, the 4g Super Orgasm lip gloss quickly became one of my favourite lipglosses in my collection. It’s pigmented, it’s creamy & unlike a lot of lipglosses on the market, it’s not sticky! A win win in my opinion.

The NARS Yorokobi Limited Edition Gift Set is a must-have in any beauty junkies collection. A perfect introduction to the beauty world for any newbie, ready to fall in love.

Guest post by Elley Charles from

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