What Are Some of The Best Colognes For The Man In Your Life ?

//What Are Some of The Best Colognes For The Man In Your Life ?




What Are Some of The Best Colognes For The Man In Your Life ?



What Are Some of The Best Colognes For The Man In Your Life?

Men are sometimes overlooked when it comes to scent-filled gifts. Usually, people think about women when they think of perfumes, but what about men? What about colognes? We’ve got a great list of fantastic colognes for every kind of man in your life.




Ermenegildo Zegna’s Uomo Cologne

The Whatever Man

This is the man who, when you ask what they want, they say “whatever, I don’t mind”. They won’t mind what you buy them, but they will love whatever you choose. A safe option is Ermenegildo Zegna’s Uomo Cologne, which has hints of violet leaf and pepper.

Zegna Uomo Cologne by Ermenegildo Zegna

Gucci’s Pour Homme Sport Cologne

The Floral Man

This is the man who enjoys his floral scents. Regardless of whether he prefers roses or lavender, Gucci’s Pour Homme Sports Cologne is the perfect cologne for a man who has a thing for flowers. It has hints of geranium, jasmine, lavender, and vanilla.

Gucci Pour Homme Sports Cologne by Gucci

Mont Blanc’s Homme Exceptionnel Cologne

The Coffee Lover

This is a man who really loves his coffee. Perhaps he drinks five black coffees each day, or he just really, really likes the smell of coffee. Well, have we got a cologne for him! Give him Mont Blanc’s Homme Exceptionnel Cologne, with hints of coffee, mandarin, ginger, and musk. He may even give up his coffee habit!

Homme Exceptionnel Cologne by Mont Blanc

Visconte Di Modrone’s Aqua Di Selva Cologne


The DIY Man

This is a man who likes working on odd jobs and enjoys fixing things by hand. He will need a cologne that will stick to him while he works around the house, and will blend well with any wood he’s working with. A nice woody cologne is Visconte Di Modrone’s Acqua Di Selva Cologne, with notes of lavender, pine tree, and thyme.

Aqua Di Selva Cologne by Visconte Di Modrone

Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver Cologne

The Knowledgeable Man

This is the man who knows his thing when it comes to cologne. He knows his Tom Fords from his Dior’s. He knows what the difference is between an eau de toilette and an aftershave. For them, you need to know what they like. But, if they know their colognes, it’s a nice idea to buy them Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver Cologne, which has lovely scents of citrus, amber, and oakmoss.

Grey Vetiver Cologne by Tom Ford

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